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"You can call me Horace"

I tried to design this site the best of my abilities but no doubt as most can see, I am far from a creative designer. However I am pretty sure over time I can make minor adjustments to the site time to time. Well, this website is the central landing for all the projects that I am currently actively pursuing. Feel free to read and visit any of my projects below. If you like to know more about me personally, read more about me here.

Projects that I am currently working on

Visit my blog for the latest news, announcements, videos (from howto videos, gameplay videos, to vblogging videos), and latest projects.
Looking for OpenVZ VPS? I am now providing VPS services. Visit Bombshellz Network. What are VPS's? Visit here.
Want to collaborate, contribute, submit issues? Visit my projects site for current projects. Most of my code is opensource and free for everyone.

Software that I use on my infrastructure

Oracle Linux is a distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux packaged with it's own kernel (Oracle Unbreakable Kernel) and specific Oracle utilities for free. I am a happy user of Oracle Linux 7 for a year and counting.
Spacewalk is a free and open source management system that makes managing multiple systems seamlessly. I have just recently deployed this technology and I have no input on this subject as of yet.
Nginx [engine x] is a high performance httpd, reverse caching proxy, and mail proxy server. Impressive huh? Once I made a swap to Nginx from lightttpd a few years ago, I've never used anything else since.
Proxmox VE is a powerful enterprise virtualization management suite that employs KVM for machine emulation and Linux Container for container-based virtualization. I've been using PVE for a year plus now.
Openfire is a real time collaboration server developed by Ignite Realtime implementing the XMPP protocol. Openfire is by far the easiest to deploy and manage out of all the XMPP implementations I've come across.
And more!
OpenVAS, Open Source HIDS SECurity, Redmine, Kallithea.